Audition recordings - Sewanee Summer Music Festival

To ensure success, your audition recording should be of the highest possible audio and/or video quality.

Please keep a copy of your audition recordings in case of technical difficulties.

Total time of all selections should be no more than fifteen minutes.

Recording Formats

The following formats are accepted:

  • Audio - mp3, m4a, aiff, wma, wav, aac
  • Video - mpeg, mpg, mp4, mov, avi, wmv, m4v, vob

Repertoire Requirements

Orchestral instruments and piano

  • Two contrasting works, one displaying technical proficiency, and the other demonstrating lyrical abilities.  A movement of a standard concerto or similar work is recommended.
  • Optional: Up to 4 standard orchestral excerpts of applicant’s choice, in addition to the two required works. Excerpts are NOT required.
  • Piano accompaniments are optional.

Percussion requirements

  • Solos (one each) for snare drum, timpani and marimba (four mallets)
  • Two to three orchestral excerpts on snare drum, xylophone, and timpani
  • Optional: Two excerpts each on tambourine and cymbals
  • Piano accompaniments are optional.

Assurances and Rules

  • Your submission of your application to the Embark system is your assurance that you are the performer in the recording, and that the recording is unedited.
  • Every audition is a collection of two or more selections. You may submit each selection as a separate file.
  • Each selection must be played in its entirety with no stopping.
  • Each selection must be edit-free. Do not edit mistakes, etc.
  • Recordings must not be electronically altered in any way.
  • No CD, DVD or taped recordings will be accepted. Do not mail recordings to the SSMF Office. Do not email files to the SSMF.