Apply to the Sewanee Summer Music Festival!

    • The Sewanee Summer Music Festival is pleased to work with for our application process. APPLY TODAY! Opening 

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    • Application fees for 2021 season
      • $35.00 if submitted by Feb 15th 2021. Priority Scholarship and admissions consideration will be given to applications submitted by Feb 15th. 
      • $35.00 if submitted between Feb 16 and March 15th. 
      • $75.00 is submitted after March 15th
    • Festival alumni (2017, 2018, 2019, 2020 virtual) who apply by March 15th will receive a $500 credit to their tuition.  This is in addition to any other type of financial aid offered by SSMF. This tuition credit does not apply to WinterFest participants

We understand the unique challenges of applying to a summer festival this year. Please know we are here to assist you in the application process. For application questions or other concerns related to festival deadlines, audition material etc.. please contact

Our goal is ensure that financial barriers do not prevent talented young musicians from attending Sewanee Summer Music Festival.