Chamber Music
Why Chamber Music?

Performing in a chamber music ensemble develops leadership skills, fosters collaboration, improves intonation, blend, and balance, and promotes high-level musical thinking. Often times, students busy in school program are unable to devote the time necessary for truly in-depth study of chamber music.  We have decided that the serious study of chamber music is vital to the education of every musician, and rests at the core of what we do at Sewanee.

It is in the intense laboratory of the chamber ensemble that students become mature musicians, integrating their individual part and their own musical personality into a unified whole. From duos to string ensembles, wind quintets, string quartets, brass ensembles and percussion groups, the unique skills developed through chamber music carry through to every other aspect of a students performance.

Every Sewanee student receives several chamber music assignments during the festival working regularly with a faculty coach, along with time to work independently.