Jacqueline Avent Concerto Competition

Jacqueline Avent Concerto Competition

The Jacqueline Avent Summer Music Scholarship Fund was established by Walter E. Nance, M.D., C’54, and Mayna Avent Nance, in memory of her sister, Jacqueline Avent. The purpose of the competition is to award scholarships for future seasons at the Sewanee Summer Music Festival to students exhibiting superior performance talents.

All students of the Sewanee Summer Music Festival are invited to enter the Jacqueline Avent Concerto Competition, held in the first week of the Festival. 

New in 2021 – early round of the concerto competition will be held online. Finalists will be invited to perform their entire submission live during the first week fo the festival. From that round, up to six winners will be selected to perform with the Festival Orchestra during the final week of the Festival. 

The concerto competition entry form is contained in the student registration form, which attending students will receive after depositing.

Concerto Competition FAQ

Who can participate in the Concerto Competition?

Anyone currently enrolled in the SSMF who plays an orchestral instrument or piano. All ages are welcome. The Concerto Competition is open to individual students playing concertos, duos or trios are not eligible.

Is there a repertoire list, or can I play anything?

There is no set repertoire list, but selections must have an available orchestral accompaniment by rental or purchase at a reasonable rate. Works may be a single movement of a multi-movement work (such as a Mozart Violin Concerto movement) or a stand-alone work (without movements, such as Carnival of Venice for trumpet) of no more than 15 minutes duration. Careful consideration should be put into choosing a piece. For example, a work requiring extensive orchestral rehearsal time, or one with limited audience appeal, might hinder a candidate’s chances. In addition, expensive or hard to find rental works should be avoided if possible, and will be a determining factor when final selections are made. 

How are applications judged?

Students are judged on their artistry and mastery, and the judges’ assessment of which performances will best represent the Festival.

Do I have to let the SSMF Staff know that I want to apply before the Festival begins?

Yes. To enter, fill out the web form AND upload a scanned copy of the piano accompaniment no later than the deadline, which will be announced shortly.

May I use music?

A: All performers in the Concerto Competition must play from memory.

What do I do about an accompanist?

The Festival will supply an accompanist. You will have a short rehearsal. You must provide an original copy of the piano accompaniment music for the competition.

When do I audition?

All rounds will be held during the first week of the Festival, so come prepared to audition.

What happens if I win?

You will perform with the Festival Orchestra during the final week of the Music Festival! Competition winners are eligible for the Jacqueline Avent Music Scholarship awards for the following summer, as well as other potential opportunities. 

How do I enter?

Enter the competition by filling out the entry form contained in the student forms. You will need to upload a PDF of the piano accompaniment. The deadline for entry will be announced shortly.

Registration for the 2021 Competition coming soon!