International Travel

You may be eligible to travel without a visa. The Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) is an automated system that determines the eligibility of visitors to travel to the United States under the Visa Waiver Program.  Please visit for more information about obtaining a B-2 Visa.  SSMF will provide you with appropriate documentation to secure a B-2 visa.

Air Travel

Sewanee is serviced by both Nashville (one hour thirty minutes) and Chattanooga (forty-five minutes) airports. However, we do not recommend flying through Chattanooga as arranging shuttles can be more difficult.

You will need to arrange your own transportation from the airport to Sewanee or Monteagle. For more information on this, see the shuttles section below.

If you are flying to and from Sewanee, we ask that you arrive on June 17th and depart on July 17th. We ask that participants traveling by air schedule their departures from the Festival for Monday, July 17th to ensure ample time for the concert festivities, check-out procedures, and travel to the airport. There will be no fee for staying this extra night if you are flying.


If your transportation does not bring you directly to Sewanee, our staff will pick you up at your shuttle stop in Monteagle and transport you the rest of the way to Sewanee (about 10 minutes). Be sure to let us know your shuttle’s arrival time via the Admitted Participant Survey so our staff can arrange to pick you up from your shuttle stop.

  • Groome Transportation provides shuttles to Monteagle, Tennessee six miles from Sewanee, from Nashville International Airport (BNA).
  • InShuttle Nashville provides chartered shuttles to Sewanee from Nashville International Airport (BNA)
  • Grand Avenue provides private cars from Nashville International Airport (BNA) to Sewanee
  • DZ Transport provides scheduled private transportation services. To reach the driver Dennis Zeman, call (616)-836-4125 or email

Driving to Sewanee  

Enter into your GPS: Sewanee, The University of the South, 735 University Ave, Sewanee Tennessee 37383

Please note: Pre-college students are not permitted to drive themselves alone to SSMF.


(Please review the detailed check in procedures in the student handbook and Residence Life page)

Early Check-In will take place from 9am—5pm, June 16th. Please plan your flights and shuttles accordingly. There will be a $75 early check-in fee for any student arriving on June 16th. Parents are not allowed to stay in the residence hall with students under any circumstances. 

Regular Check-In will be Saturday, June 17th from 9:00am—8:00pm.


(please review detailed check out procedures in the student handbook and on the residence life page

Check-Out will begin after the orchestra concerts on Sunday, July 16th. The final concert will conclude by approximately 5:30pm.

Late Check Out: We ask that participants who are traveling alone by air schedule their departures from the Festival for Monday, July 17th.There will be no fee for staying this extra night if you are flying alone and staying at our request.

If you are driving, there will be a $75 fee for staying overnight on July 16th, 2023. So, we encourage all students/families who are driving to depart after the final concert on July 16th. 

Please note students departing prior to the end of the festival will not receive pro-rated tuition or housing costs.